Jacob Watts & Permillia Hollingsworth

I am embarking on my first trip to the National Archives in Washington D.C.

The most challenging part of this trip was deciding which brick wall to research. I’m sure y’all can relate (yes, I’m Southern).

I decided on researching Jacob Watts and Permillia Hollingsworth.  I, along with every other Watts Researcher, are stuck in the year 1812.  Jacob Watts, Sr joined Stone Creek Baptist Church in 1812 (Dry Branch, Twiggs County, Georgia).  His son and daughter-in-law, Jacob Jr and Permillia Hollingsworth, joined in 1813.  Where they were located before Twiggs County is unknown.

I believe Jacob Watts, Sr. is the son of George Watts and Frances (?).  My research goal is to prove or disprove that Jacob Sr. is the son of George and Frances Watts.

There are several reasons why I consider George Watts to be the probable father of my Jacob Watts, Sr.

~ Jacob Watts, Sr. is the right age.  He could be the Jacob mentioned in the Will of George Watts dated 1771.

~ Jacob Watts, Jr. named three of his children, Jacob, George, and Isaac.  Isaac is Permillia Hollingsworth’s father.  These names are seen throughout the family tree through the 1800’s.

~ There is a Jacob Watts that served in the Revolutionary War and received land in Washington County, Georgia. This county is beside Twiggs County and would have been  a natural progression of the family’s movement through Georgia.

There is an additional twist to the story of my Watts line. I look forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks.


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